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Бренд Bodyline
Производитель Япония
Обхват груди 82 — 104 см
Обхват талии 66 — 88 см
Длина изделия 89 — 98 см
Размер M, L, XL, 2XL
Материал Полиэстер, Хлопок
Цвет Мятный
Сиреневый x Черный
Голубой x Черный
Стиль Kawaii
Вес 0.522 кг
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Теги: милые одежда Пастельные тона бант пони луна единорог кружева шнуровка лолита lolita сарафан JSK обо onepiece

Сарафан лолита Bodyline Unicorn Dream JSK отзывы

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  • Cute!!
    16 июня 2016 15:15

    I love this jsk soo much It is so beautiful. I got the dress in a large in navy and it fits perfectly. I'm normally a size medium but i heard that this jsk runs small so I'll recommend to get a size bigger then your usual like i did. You shouldn't be worried about the print being backwards because they this problem already. Totally buy this dress it's worth every penny.

  • lovely & looks brand !
    13 июня 2016 15:14

    I bought this dress with EMS shipping and it got to me in four days (over Memorial Day weekend). It's my first JSK from bodyline and I absolutely adore it! I am typically 108 cm bust in a normal bra and a 103 cm in a sports bra. I ordered a 2L and crossed my fingers that it would fit and alas! It fits perfectly, like a glove. The print is adorable and I like it best in the navy color way--I was worried about the blue being electric, but it's a nice soft baby blue. My BFF ordered the pink and it's more of a mauve/dusty pink rather than pastel. Regardless, it is such a cute and high quality dress! Bodyline needs more dresses like these. The first time I wore it out I got compliments from other Lolita's saying that they mistook it for brand. Lovely and well worth the price!

    26 апреля 2016 15:14

    This is my first Bodyline JSK. AND I AM IN LOVE WITH IT!!!! The print is not mirrored like mentioned in some reviews, The lace is not scratchy. AND it fits like a glove!!!!!

  • Great dress, very sweet print
    21 февраля 2016 15:13

    Just got this two days ago (Feb 17, 2016).

    First off: the print not printed backward on the Purple form of the dress that I received, so Bodyline seems to have corrected that flaw. The french text is both accurate (I'm fluent in French and used to live in Paris) and printed in the correct direction. Many times I see faux French affiliated with Lolita dresses (I think because of the transliteration that occurs in transferring from kanji/katakana into English), and it absolutely drives me bonkers! It was refreshing to see REAL French, lol. The theme of the pattern is adorable with prancing/leaping unicorns. So cute! The fabric is a nice quality cotton that is heavy enough to be durable and keep its shape well. It's a pain to iron though, so be forewarned (as if that is something that Lolitas aren't familiar with already!). One note: in the photos, it looks like the purple dress fades into mint, then aqua at the bottom. That is an optical illusion. In person, the dress fades from Lilac into Mint... all the way to the hem. We picked up two pairs of sax socks thinking they'd match the rainbow motif we saw in the online photos but they don't match in person. Thankfully my two girls have plenty of other outfits to mix and match with.

    The quality of this jsk is very good for Bodyline. No, it's not brand like Angelic Pretty or Baby the Stars Shine Bright, but it's definitely not something from Milanoo, either. There were no loose threads or badly matched patterns on our dress. All the fabric is cut from the same bolt (or at least is very well color matched). Sewing is well done.

    The cut is cute, traditional Loli. The ribbon corseting + shirring in the back allows for a good degree of adjustment in sizing (maybe 3 inches/8 cm?). We followed the sizing measurements carefully before ordering. This was purchased for my youngest daughter so the fit is wonderful for her, but if I'd been buying this for my curvy 16 year old we'd be in a world of hurt. This is definitely sized for a small woman with a small bra cup size. At least in the size M.

    The gold piping (cording?) is well made and well sewn. The ruffle lace at the bottom is gold and slightly sparkly. It's definitely a true gold and not a mustard color as another reviewer said of their dress. The ruffle is made of super soft lace that doesn't scratch your skin or snag your tights, which is appreciated. Buttons for the back bow are little purple hearts--very cute but I don't know if they will hold up or if they will wear off to white yet. The waist tie bows are shipped flat, and they are nice and stiff so they both tie well into a pretty bow in back but also hold their shape once tied. The off white trim lace is sweet and looks fine, but if you are used to the super high quality lace used by the major Lolita brands, this is one place where you will see the difference. It's not as stiff or as finished as that of say AP, IW or BBTSSB.

    One of my favorite things is the included bow. It's very cute when pinned to the dress, either at the neck or the waistline, but you can also wear it in your hair or attach it to a hat. Additionally, there is another tiny pin of a crescent moon that matches the dress. Again, you can wear it on the dress, on the bow, on the neckline, at the waist, on your purse, your Con lanyard... you name it. A little thing, yet it makes me happy.

    All in all, I deem this well worth the cost and the long wait in shipping. The dress exceeded my expectations significantly. It's absolutely adorable and with some thoughtful coords, should do my daughter proud at her next Lolita event.

  • super cute
    20 февраля 2016 15:13

    love this dress its waist is in a odd place on me, i love the feel of it though. Although I had to resew the bow pin in place again it (which was my fault it came lose) I have no issues with this dress.

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