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Длина блузы / Top lengthОбхват груди / BustШирина плеч / Shoulder lengthДлина рукава / Sleeve lengthДлина юбки / Skirt lengthОбхват талии / Waist

Комплект включает в себя: Блузка, Брошь-бант, Юбка
Бренд Bodyline
Производитель Китай
Ширина плеч 35 — 43 см
Обхват груди 88 — 120 см
Обхват талии 60 — 102 см
Материал Полиэстер
Цвет Иссиня-черный
Черный х Белый
Серый х Белый
Персиковый х Белый
Бледно-розовый х Белый
Розовый x Белый
Ярко-розовый х Белый
Сиреневый x Белый
Голубой x Белый
Синий х Белый
Темно-синий х Белый
Мятный х Белый
Зеленый х Белый
Красный х Белый
Бордовый х Белый
Оранжевый х Белый
Желтый х Белый
Стиль School

Теги: одежда яркие цвета Естественные цвета Пастельные тона набор бант милый cute kawaii школьная форма school uniform матроска sailor fuku юбка skirt рубашка shirt блуза blouse

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  • 2 out of 3 were good
    18 февраля 2016 16:52

    I ordered 3 different seifukus, in light pink, sax and light green.

    The pink and sax were great, the quality is decent (if a tiny bit thin on the skirt, but it doesn't show anything through) but i did have an issue with the zip on my pink one as it was very stiff and took a lot of siggling to get it undone at the bottom.

    I was really dissapointed in the green one. The stock image makes it look like a really cute minty green colour, but it's a weird light olive-y colour so be aware of that. I planned on using it for fairy kei but that's not impossible so i'm having to resell it.

    Other than that, i'm happy over all. It's difficult to find larger sized seifukus for a sensible price.
    also, the 4L fits a bigger bust that it says, i'm 110cm and i bought both 4l and 5l to see and both fit.

  • Fell in love with Bodyline since
    24 января 2016 16:52

    This was my first Bodyline order ever and it was what made me a continuous customer. The quality of the seifuku honestly surprised me as it wasn't the shiny thin material you see on cosplay sites, but was actually thick and smooth like a real seifuku. My go to outfit for dances and conventions!

  • Excellent quality
    18 сентября 2015 16:51

    The fabric is nice and thick, it is very durable. I will say with this particular uniform you should go up one size. Much better quality than Taobao school uniforms! When the skirt arrives you have to take the stitching at the very bottom out.

  • Very nice!
    14 сентября 2015 16:51

    I like this one

  • Love this!
    21 августа 2015 16:50

    i love this seifuku set, it's a good price and it's cute. Great quality, I order one size bigger because the skirt fits better that way. A little short though but. You can just wear shorts with it.

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